A Sign Is the First Thing Your Clients See

A sign is the first thing your clients see when they visit your business. As first impressions are key, picking the right one is important! Finding the perfect mix of personal and professional can be tricky, so we’ve put together a few things to consider when designing your sign.


First, it’s a good idea to limit your sign to no more than two colors: a solid background and a solid font color. Graphics are absolutely fine in a few extra colors, but focus on picking out your main colors here, first. As our backgrounds are all natural wood, you’ll just have to decide between finishes, which can be done after choosing your font color.


Remember that visibility is key. If you’re going with a light finish for your wood, choose a dark color for the font and vice versa. This will draw clients in to the signage. Also be sure to choose a fairly simple font style. Quirk is great, unless it impedes clarity. Stay away from script fonts and stick to capital letters where possible.


For businesses where you want people to come in and hang around, like hotels or restaurants, try warmer colors in your sign like red, orange, and yellow. These are proven to have psychologically comforting effects on potential clients. Blues generally denote business confidence and professionalism. Greens have healthy and environmentally responsible connotations. Purple has a fairly mystical, almost royal feel to it.
And when in doubt, black on a wood finish is bold, elegant, and the standard for a reason. It works. Whether you’ve got an idea for a design already or could use a little help fine-tuning it, contact Redwood Country Signs today! We’re happy to help.

Source: http://www.colorcombos.com/choosing-the-most-effective-colors-for-your-business-signage-article.html