Custom signs – the old school way

Custom wood personalized signs

The summer sign shop on wheels

Fair season for Redwood Country Signs is over, and we have moved all the sign-making paraphernalia from our mobile shop – back to our roomy, main workshop. Its kinda like moving from a compact “tiny house” to a spacious warehouse. This year we even did some cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing and displaying…(so unlike us). Usually, we just dive right in with sign orders from the fairs and the internet. We receive several orders while we were out of town. We hate to have customers waiting for their custom-made wood signs. It feels great now to have a comfortable work space and it even encourages us to sweep up a little more.

In general, the custom wood sign business has changed quite a bit since our humble beginning.

Free-hand routing has become “Old school” with the onset of new-fangled machines like the CNC routers. With the push of a start button, those people can spit out multiple copies of the same design. That’s like childbirth with an epidural… Too easy

Since I am the router girl and rather set in my ways; but I refuse to be replaced with a shiny, expensive machine. Instead, I prefer to adorn myself with the earphones, dust mask and shower cap (to protect the hair-do); and make those signs one by one. “Old School”

With pencil and eraser, I do the layout. If my order requires artwork…no problem. I take out my MAGIC carbon paper. Children who have never seen such a thing are amazed as they watch through the window of the sign mobile while I simply trace the design on the wood.

Custom wood personalized signs

Routing a custom sign in the workshop.

When I crank up the router, I usually attract more people [usually men] peeking in my window to see what’s making all the racket. They watch carefully and ask lots of questions so they can go home and go into business for themselves. They buy a router!… thus providing a never-ending supply of used routers for us! “OLD SCHOOL”

Please visit our online shop and find a perfect custom sign to identify your unique, “old school” image. Here is a link to our welcome sets.