Girl’s Fancies turn to Wedding Bells

June the month of weddings, ceremonies and honeymoons. The bride…the groom.. the ring…THE dress…the cake…the bridal showers… What dreams are made of !

Friends choose gifts for the newlyweds carefully because they will be remembered as the first possessions for their first home. Ordinary pots and pans become their pots and pans.  The dishes they dreaded washing as a kid now become their dishes.  Many gifts from the wedding become sentimental reminders of that special day.

When choosing the perfect gift, the ones that will shine above the rest are  gifts that show  an extra effort in selection was made just for them.  That’s why Grandmothers start piecing their finest quilts.  Embroidered pillowcases are carefully folded in the cedar chest to keep as treasures.  Fifty years later, brides still remember who gave them that thoughtful gift.

A plaque with their new names together is a thoughtful gift that often brings tears because of that precious moment when two lives become one.  We, at Redwood Country,  make many styles of signs for newlyweds.  We give them as wedding and shower gifts ourselves and we are so pleased with their reactions as they see their names together on the cedar sign. Many they stop and take a picture right in the midst of the party. We love to put a Bible verse on the back of the signs we give.  “A good name is rather chosen than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1, and we sign our names.  They can be added to as the children come along…and it becomes like the “Family Tree.”  Find your gifts at