No One Can Take Your Name and Hard Work from You

styleS_colorNowadays it’s important to mark your territory. It’s important to say you own something, like your home, business, or other piece of property. We live in a world that is often confusing, often misleading, a world where the things we own often own us. The one thing we can safely say is ours is our homes, the places we rest in and raise our families, a little slice of life that no one can emotionally take away from us, which is why it’s very important to hang up a sign that says so.


Think of it as your own personal Declaration of Independence, a reminder of all the years of hard work that has gotten you from point A to point B. Remember, no one can take your name and hard work from you.


At Redwood Country Signs, we’ve been handcrafting signs for a number of years, signs for homes, businesses, and other properties. We take great pride in crafting a sign that represents your personality and what you and your family or business stand for. A sign that is set up on your front lawn or hanging from your door is a reminder to the world that you are ready for business, literally and figuratively, ready to declare your name with pride and love.


Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we’re finally and thankfully at the unofficial start of summer, which means it’s time to take advantage of the nicer weather and get a handcrafted sign. Summer is for making memories and what better way to start the season than putting up a sign that will help create more memories for years to come?