Promote Visibility in the Community

Having a handmade sign for your business can bring in a ton of clients and promote visibility in the community. But you can’t very well have a sign if you don’t first have a name! If you’re just starting up, have a fantastic idea and business plan, but haven’t settled on exactly what to call your new company, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Firstly, look at your competition, locally and globally. What do the most popular competitors in your sector have in common, name-wise? This will also help you eliminate confusion of your customers by not choosing a name too similar to other businesses.


Next, look at your potential clients. What’s going to draw them in? Will they be looking for quirky or professional? How are they going to find your business? By word of mouth or by a Google search? Plan accordingly.


Don’t limit the potential for business growth. For example, if you’re starting a tree business, maybe Anne’s Spruce Trees is a bit specific. “Anne’s Nursery” opens up the possibility of bringing in other types of trees, shrubbery, and flowers later in your company’s development.


Don’t make the decision on your own. Run the business name past as many people as will listen: family, friends, potential customers, and employees.


Think bigger than just what’s going on your sign. Think about how the name will work as a website, on business cards, and what it may look like on products.


Finally, sleep on it. You’re going to be excited when you’ve found the one true name of your brand, but this business is going to be around a long time, and switching name’s as it grows is not a pleasant endeavor.

When you’ve got the name, we’ve got the sign. Contact Redwood Country Signs today to start building your business!