Camping with your Pet

Maps are strewn around the living room with circles marking this year’s camping adventure. We love to travel to new places and see new things all over our beautiful country…and our dog does, too!   We Americans love our dogs and that is the very reason some people own campers…so they can take their pets with them. Our dog even has her name on our camping sign!

When we start up our motorhome engine and begin loading the essentials for “Roughing it in style,” our usually laid-back pooch LuLu suddenly comes alive! She watches as each familiar item is packed and she especially notices when her leash and dog bowls are added.

facebook_1456955263673LuLu loves to go camping and she has her own unique style of traveling. She stands on the couch behind my husband’s seat, puts her feet on both his shoulders and takes in the scenery with her tail wagging. We couldn’t possibly leave her behind.

When camping with a pet, here are some basic tips that will help make everything run smoothly:

  1. Socialize your dog. Before taking your pet camping, make sure he will enjoy meeting new people and other dogs. Your hiking trips will be more pleasant if your dog walks politely by your side. I would recommend an obedience class to make your dog a first-class citizen.
  2. Be sure you have a comfortable place for your pet to hang out when you have to leave for a while. LuLu is happy to curl up in the couch in the air conditioning while we check out a restaurant. (Make sure your pet has fresh water and is never left in a hot camper) We also put a pen outside the RV for her to get some sun and fresh air. She likes to keep an eye on things. Tying up your dog at a campsite is never a good idea.
  3. Be a thoughtful dog owner. A barking dog will not make your neighbors “Happy Campers, ” so get a handle on that. A spray bottle of water with a bit of vinegar is a good teacher.   Remember, a considerate camper cleans up after his dog…for obvious reasons.

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