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Custom signs – the old school way

Custom wood personalized signs

The summer sign shop on wheels

Fair season for Redwood Country Signs is over, and we have moved all the sign-making paraphernalia from our mobile shop – back to our roomy, main workshop. Its kinda like moving from a compact “tiny house” to a spacious warehouse. This year we even did some cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing and displaying…(so unlike us). Usually, we just dive right in with sign orders from the fairs and the internet. We receive several orders while we were out of town. We hate to have customers waiting for their custom-made wood signs. It feels great now to have a comfortable work space and it even encourages us to sweep up a little more.

In general, the custom wood sign business has changed quite a bit since our humble beginning.

Free-hand routing has become “Old school” with the onset of new-fangled machines like the CNC routers. With the push of a start button, those people can spit out multiple copies of the same design. That’s like childbirth with an epidural… Too easy

Since I am the router girl and rather set in my ways; but I refuse to be replaced with a shiny, expensive machine. Instead, I prefer to adorn myself with the earphones, dust mask and shower cap (to protect the hair-do); and make those signs one by one. “Old School”

With pencil and eraser, I do the layout. If my order requires artwork…no problem. I take out my MAGIC carbon paper. Children who have never seen such a thing are amazed as they watch through the window of the sign mobile while I simply trace the design on the wood.

Custom wood personalized signs

Routing a custom sign in the workshop.

When I crank up the router, I usually attract more people [usually men] peeking in my window to see what’s making all the racket. They watch carefully and ask lots of questions so they can go home and go into business for themselves. They buy a router!… thus providing a never-ending supply of used routers for us! “OLD SCHOOL”

Please visit our online shop and find a perfect custom sign to identify your unique, “old school” image. Here is a link to our welcome sets.

Show Your Passion with a Wood Sign!

assortment of redwood signs

How a simple (or fancy) wood sign can set a mood or show your passion for:

ADVENTURE: Camper signs in all shapes and sizes reflect your outdoor spirit.

ROMANCE: Wedding and anniversary signs show the love of your new name together and the special date of your wedding.

BEAUTIFUL SCENERY: Flowers and trees; mountains and lakes, ocean and palms are decorative and welcoming.

SPORTS: Your name and your favorite sport…always a winning combination! Kayaking – football – sailing – motocross… the list is as long as your athletic interests.

HOME AND FAMILY: Greet your guests with a beautiful sign that shows your style!

PETS AND ANIMALS: We can carve a picture of your favorite animals on home signs, ranch signs and RV signs.


We Love the Signs of Spring

I just saw a post on Facebook that said, “Spring is just six weeks away!” Facebook must be the new groundhog. In my humble opinion, I think the best part of winter is the HOPE of Spring.

Signs of Spring

camping in the spring

I live in Oklahoma where winter doesn’t do much except get cold. We seldom see beautiful layers of fluffy snow… Nope. No fun winter sports to entice us to get outside to enjoy fresh air during the drab three months before Spring. We just stay inside and re-breathe the same air over and over. Colds and flu help pass the days to the countdown to Spring.

With “HOPE of Spring” comes “Signs of Spring.” Two of the things I love about Spring are the smell of sun-warmed earth and the yearly arrival of my favorite perennials. I just love taking walks around the property to see the new blooms.

Now it seems that the “Arrival of Spring” would give me great joy. But, sadly, there is the worry that Spring is so short and we will soon be facing the dreadful heat of the Oklahoma Summer.

We must act quickly if we are going to enjoy my favorite outdoor sport…camping. Travel and adventure are calling my name. Waterfalls and unexplored nature trails, s’mores and outdoor grilling, starlight and moonlight on the lake…all these keep me checking the weather for the best days to get out there. We don’t forget… Spring is also Tornado season in Oklahoma and we have to keep our eyes on the weather at all times. We have actually had a Spring day at my house where we experienced hail, flooding, an earthquake and a tornado all on the same day. True.

styleWS03So it’s easy to see that being an Oklahoma camper is a daring undertaking, but we get out there and take our chances because it’s better than poking yourself in the eye with an ice pick.

Get your camping sign at Redwood Country

Whimsical Signs for the Holidays

fall_sign_v1Decorate and accessorize your home and camper with signs for fall.

As the last rose begins to wither and the leaves are swirling into colorful piles on the porches, many are searching for ways to put out the “welcome mat “ with a new look for this season and the holidays to come.

Porches take on a festive appeal when touches of the season are added. Scarecrows smiling and waving at the neighbors begin to pop-up along with pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks, orange and gold plaid, cozy throws ….and did I mention Pumpkins?

I love the whimsical wooden signs that are featured in many of the holiday displays. They reflect the personality of the family inside. Some signs are homemade; some are elegant. Some are funny and some are simply “Welcome Signs”, but they all add just the right punch to make our home’s outdoor décor inviting!

Because our sign business takes us on the road , we also enjoy seeing the creative signs that mark the campsites in the RV parks. We’ve seen campers decorated with little strands of pumpkin lights which are a practical addition to light up their area. Decorated camping signs also add functional cuteness. Knowing the names and hometowns of our camping neighbors helps start up conversations and sometimes friendships!

Please browse our website and choose your favorite whimsical signs for the holidays.

Girl’s Fancies turn to Wedding Bells

June the month of weddings, ceremonies and honeymoons. The bride…the groom.. the ring…THE dress…the cake…the bridal showers… What dreams are made of !

Friends choose gifts for the newlyweds carefully because they will be remembered as the first possessions for their first home. Ordinary pots and pans become their pots and pans.  The dishes they dreaded washing as a kid now become their dishes.  Many gifts from the wedding become sentimental reminders of that special day.

When choosing the perfect gift, the ones that will shine above the rest are  gifts that show  an extra effort in selection was made just for them.  That’s why Grandmothers start piecing their finest quilts.  Embroidered pillowcases are carefully folded in the cedar chest to keep as treasures.  Fifty years later, brides still remember who gave them that thoughtful gift.

A plaque with their new names together is a thoughtful gift that often brings tears because of that precious moment when two lives become one.  We, at Redwood Country,  make many styles of signs for newlyweds.  We give them as wedding and shower gifts ourselves and we are so pleased with their reactions as they see their names together on the cedar sign. Many they stop and take a picture right in the midst of the party. We love to put a Bible verse on the back of the signs we give.  “A good name is rather chosen than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1, and we sign our names.  They can be added to as the children come along…and it becomes like the “Family Tree.”  Find your gifts at






Camping with your Pet

Maps are strewn around the living room with circles marking this year’s camping adventure. We love to travel to new places and see new things all over our beautiful country…and our dog does, too!   We Americans love our dogs and that is the very reason some people own campers…so they can take their pets with them. Our dog even has her name on our camping sign!

When we start up our motorhome engine and begin loading the essentials for “Roughing it in style,” our usually laid-back pooch LuLu suddenly comes alive! She watches as each familiar item is packed and she especially notices when her leash and dog bowls are added.

facebook_1456955263673LuLu loves to go camping and she has her own unique style of traveling. She stands on the couch behind my husband’s seat, puts her feet on both his shoulders and takes in the scenery with her tail wagging. We couldn’t possibly leave her behind.

When camping with a pet, here are some basic tips that will help make everything run smoothly:

  1. Socialize your dog. Before taking your pet camping, make sure he will enjoy meeting new people and other dogs. Your hiking trips will be more pleasant if your dog walks politely by your side. I would recommend an obedience class to make your dog a first-class citizen.
  2. Be sure you have a comfortable place for your pet to hang out when you have to leave for a while. LuLu is happy to curl up in the couch in the air conditioning while we check out a restaurant. (Make sure your pet has fresh water and is never left in a hot camper) We also put a pen outside the RV for her to get some sun and fresh air. She likes to keep an eye on things. Tying up your dog at a campsite is never a good idea.
  3. Be a thoughtful dog owner. A barking dog will not make your neighbors “Happy Campers, ” so get a handle on that. A spray bottle of water with a bit of vinegar is a good teacher.   Remember, a considerate camper cleans up after his dog…for obvious reasons.

20160219_101025_smallRedwood Country Signs loves to make custom signs for your dog breed.

How a Hobby Evolved Into a Sign Business

20150913_174619Forty years ago a rat-a-tat-tat of a hammer against a chisel caught the attention of an innocent bystander…me!  Who knew that attention-getter would turn into a wood sign hobby and then a  lifelong sign business.

We began this adventure carving out signs with a hammer and chisel for family and friends.  One of our first signs pictured above has been hanging on a bunkhouse for 40 years.  (Some attention has been required.)  A few years later my wife’s hobby of leather carving was added to the business and a great touch of artistry was born.

We never dreamed this hobby would lead us to make signs in 19 different states via fairs and festivals.  Now, due to the internet, we have sent signs to all 50 states as well as several other countries.  We have made wood signs for doctors, lawyers, dentists, ranchers, teachers, newlyweds, dog breeders, truckers, singers, scuba divers, horse trainers.  We even made the entrance signs for the memorial rose garden of the rap singer Tupac.

You can find the evidence of our hobby hanging on RV’s, boulders and trees, homes and cabins, western stores and diners, churches and barns and even a few outhouses…

The footprints of this hobby have seen us through many years of teaching, pastoring and ministry.  Now that we are RETIRED AND LOVING IT we will see how this hobby will carry us though the golden years… What a hobby it continues to be!!!

Making Your Outdoor Signs Weatherproof

There are few better ways to enhance the look of your home, business, farm, or any other building by hanging a custom wooden sign outside of it. However, we understand that you may be concerned about your sign being out in the elements. We’re here to give you a few pointers that can help you ensure your sign is weatherproof for decades to come.

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your wooden signs from adverse weather conditions is by applying a water repellent preservative to its surface. The best thing about coating your sign with a water repellent solution is that it works in two ways. Not only does it protect the wood itself from rain, but it will also prolong the life of any paint you apply.

Speaking of paint, it is very important that each panel of wood be coated with an acrylic paint. This paint will protect your wooden sign in a few ways, but most importantly it will negate the effects of it being out in the sun. Your wood sign will fade over time if it is in direct sunlight, so panting it can ensure it lasts much longer than usual.

Finally, apply a wood sealer and your work should be done. These simple steps can go a long way towards protecting your wood signs, which is something you should always be concerned about with your investment. No one wants to get rid of a beautiful sign, especially one that has meaning to your home or business. Protect it today so you never have to!

Make Sure Your Business Has a New Sign for the Fall

bigsign08Summer is winding down. It doesn’t officially end until September 22, but with Labor Day coming and going, the feeling in all of our hearts is that summer is officially done. Chances are you have already celebrated an “end of summer” party and barbecue. So yeah, summer is done. It’s time to move on. We’ll give you a sec so that fact sinks into your heads…

Okay, okay…let’s turn a brave face and face the fall. What does that mean for your business? Well, for starters, you will have to take it up a notch. After all, summer is a high point for many businesses. You have to learn how to stand out better and we have exactly what you’re looking for: signage.

After all, a well-placed and snazzy sign is what will separate you from your competitors and that’s just some of the firepower you will need to make it in the season ahead. Remember that first impressions are crucial in establishing a relationship with your customers, so you don’t want to come off as too abrasive. You need that perfect combination of personal and professional, and we will help you get there.

For your fall business sign, we suggest using no more than two colors. Two colors are aesthetically pleasing – just think of sports teams; they usually stick to two colors. Any more than that and you run the risk of oversaturation. A two-color scheme is simple. A two-color scheme is concise. A two-color scheme is effective. Believe it or not, a two-scheme is more visible. Contact Redwood Country Signs today for more details.

Large Signs Will Help Your Branding

bigsign18If you run a business and have not heard of the term branding, you are way behind on the game.

Branding is much more than just the logo or name of your business. It is more about what your customer experiences when dealing with you; from your name, logo, website (if you have one), social media activity (if you do that), how you sound when you answer the phone, how you and your staff (if you have a staff) provide a service, and more. Branding is the totality of customer experience. The most important thing about branding is that you don’t even have to physically interact with the customer for it to be considered branding; the customer merely thinking about your business and how it makes them feel is just as important, if not more, than your website or storefront.

It is therefore important to be aware of what your customer experiences when he or she is in AND out of your presence, and have a plan in place to create the experience that you want your customers to have. This isn’t something that happens overnight; it usually a well-concocted plan. At Redwood Country Signs, we know that people like doing business with companies they are familiar with, which means that your branding should elicit feelings of comfort and a homeliness that sends warm chills down the spine.

Familiarity. Remember that. It is key when it comes to building a relationship with your customers and with our homemade large signs, your customers will know exactly who they are dealing with – consider it a downhome branding, rustic branding, the kind that sends feelings of nostalgia into the hearts of your customers. At Redwood Country Signs, that’s what we provide. Contact us today so we can get started on a sign that will help with your branding and relationship with your customers. The sign is the first thing your customers see! Let’s knock your branding out of the park right off the bat!

No One Can Take Your Name and Hard Work from You

styleS_colorNowadays it’s important to mark your territory. It’s important to say you own something, like your home, business, or other piece of property. We live in a world that is often confusing, often misleading, a world where the things we own often own us. The one thing we can safely say is ours is our homes, the places we rest in and raise our families, a little slice of life that no one can emotionally take away from us, which is why it’s very important to hang up a sign that says so.


Think of it as your own personal Declaration of Independence, a reminder of all the years of hard work that has gotten you from point A to point B. Remember, no one can take your name and hard work from you.


At Redwood Country Signs, we’ve been handcrafting signs for a number of years, signs for homes, businesses, and other properties. We take great pride in crafting a sign that represents your personality and what you and your family or business stand for. A sign that is set up on your front lawn or hanging from your door is a reminder to the world that you are ready for business, literally and figuratively, ready to declare your name with pride and love.


Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we’re finally and thankfully at the unofficial start of summer, which means it’s time to take advantage of the nicer weather and get a handcrafted sign. Summer is for making memories and what better way to start the season than putting up a sign that will help create more memories for years to come?

How to Make a Home More Welcoming

Whether you own a house, rent an apartment, or live in any other type of home, you likely want it to feel as welcoming as possible. From friends to family members, you’re going to want the people who are closest to you feel right at home any time they are visiting. While there are countless ways you can achieve this feeling, we’re here to provide you with a few of the simplest ways you can create a more welcoming atmosphere in your home.


One of the main ways you can accomplish this is just by making your place more comfortable in general. Make sure you have plenty of places for people to sit and relax, in addition to plenty of rugs, pillows, and other soft things. For example, having too many cold and hard pieces of furniture can make the place feel more like a waiting room than a living room.


Adding plenty of personal touches is also important. Make sure you hang some pictures of friends and family members, or really anything else that has personal meaning to you. Incorporate your own style and ideas into some of your rooms, and even consider creating themes for your bathrooms, kitchen, and other spaces that guests will frequent.


Finally, having a beautiful, hand-carved welcome sign is the perfect way to make people feel comfortable as soon as they arrive. If you are in need of a warm, welcoming sign for your property, we can help. Browse our website to learn more about the welcoming signs we can handcraft for you!


The DOs and DON’Ts of Business Signs

Whether you own a small business or a large company, you’re likely aware that the sign outside your building is hugely important. This is especially true if you own a business that depends on customers visiting and shopping at your location. Even if you own a business where you aren’t dealing with customers at your physical location, having a high-quality sign outside is still important. Old or broken signs are unappealing, and it can give people a bad impression about your entire company. If you’re starting a new business or just in need of a new sign, we’re here to go over a few suggestions.


The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you want to have a sign that is eye-catching without being obnoxious. Make sure the letters are large enough for people to see from the road, but don’t use garish colors or choose a strange font that would turn people off.


Besides the main sign that has the name of your company, you may also have a few other signs on your building that display store hours or other useful information. It’s important to provide people with these details about your company, without overloading them with too many facts. Keep it simple by displaying your hours and maybe a slogan or simple description of what you offer. Filling your windows with too many signs isn’t a good idea, because people should be entering your store instead of learning everything about it from outside.


Finally, make sure you place your signs at an appropriate height. Too high or too low and they will be missed by many people. A good rule of thumb is to place them about eye level, so people who are driving or walking by your building will easily come across them.


If you’re in need of a custom carved sign for your business, we can help. Contact us today for more details!

How to Celebrate Your Family Name and History

Everyone has a family name, and while some are more rare and unique than others, they should all be celebrated. At Redwood Country Signs, we offer hand carved wooden signs that are perfect for anyone interested in displaying their family name. Our family name signs are perfect for hanging both in and outside of your home, and could even be displayed at your business. But what are some other ways to celebrate your family history? We’re here to tell you!


In order to honor and celebrate your family name and history, you should educate yourself about your genealogy if you haven’t already. Try to trace your family tree, talk to relatives about their oldest family memories, and just generally learn more about your family’s roots. You could even look up interesting facts about your family name to discover the meaning of the word, famous people who share the same name, and other fun facts!


Another way to celebrate what makes your family history unique is to create a cookbook filled with family recipes. While sometimes family members pass down recipes they got from other places, it doesn’t really matter where they came from. If the recipes are an important part of your family history and tradition, they should be preserved.


If you have a little extra time and money to spend, you could even visit the birthplace of some of the oldest members of your family. If you have an Irish name for example and your great grandparents came to this country from Ireland, plan a trip to visit where they grew up.


These are just a few of the many ways you can celebrate your family name and history, and remember to give us a call if you would like a custom family sign!


Advantages of Using Wooden Signs

When it comes time to choose a sign for your business, home, campground, or any other type of location, you have a variety of options. However, we’re here to tell you that there are many reasons why wooden signs should be your top choice. In fact, wooden signs offer several advantages that you just don’t get with other materials. The following are just a few of the reasons why we recommend hand carved decorative wood for your next sign.


One of the main benefits of carved wooden signs is their durability. If made with the right type of wood, you can expect your sign to last decades. You can extend the life of your sign even further by regularly staining and refinishing it, but trust us when we say they require little to no maintenance. These signs won’t rust or fade like metal ones would, so you won’t have to worry about them if they are displayed outdoors.


Hand carved wooden signs also have a special charm and personal touch that you just can’t get with metal signs that are fabricated by a machine. That’s just one of the reasons why wooden signs make perfect gifts for birthdays or any other type of celebration.


Because wooden signs are custom carved, the choice is yours when it comes to their shape and size. Are you in need of a small sign for the interior of your building, or a large sign welcoming people to your business? Maybe you are looking for something in between. The great news is all of these options and others are on the table.


These are just some of the many reasons why choosing custom wood signs is a great idea. For more information about why our signs are right for you, contact us today!


Why You Should Place a Wooden Sign outside of Your Property

Whether you own a business, cabin, or even a house, there are several reasons why you should place a wooden sign outside of your property. In fact, decorative wooden signs are perfect for just about any type of building, and they look great both in and outdoors. Not only is a custom sign a great talking piece, but one can instantly improve the look of any room. They also can serve a useful function by welcoming visitors, displaying your family name, or any other information that you want people to see.

Wooden signs are great for attracting customers if you own a business, especially if you live in a rural area. If you don’t have the benefit of billboard advertisements leading up to your restaurant or store, use a wooden sign instead. Simply place one outside of your store that contains your business’s name, phone number, and other details. One of the best parts about wooden signs is that they can come in any shape or size, so you can fit one on your property regardless of how much or little space you have.

Another reason that wooden signs are so great is that they make terrific gifts. Whether you want to present a family member with a sign that has the family name or a business partner with a new sign for the company, there are so many options to choose from.

Wooden signs are not only decorative, but also ideal when it comes to displaying information to customers or guests. These signs are extremely versatile, and can be used in and around any type of property. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from one of our wooden signs, contact the team at Redwood Country Signs today!

Promote Visibility in the Community

Having a handmade sign for your business can bring in a ton of clients and promote visibility in the community. But you can’t very well have a sign if you don’t first have a name! If you’re just starting up, have a fantastic idea and business plan, but haven’t settled on exactly what to call your new company, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Firstly, look at your competition, locally and globally. What do the most popular competitors in your sector have in common, name-wise? This will also help you eliminate confusion of your customers by not choosing a name too similar to other businesses.


Next, look at your potential clients. What’s going to draw them in? Will they be looking for quirky or professional? How are they going to find your business? By word of mouth or by a Google search? Plan accordingly.


Don’t limit the potential for business growth. For example, if you’re starting a tree business, maybe Anne’s Spruce Trees is a bit specific. “Anne’s Nursery” opens up the possibility of bringing in other types of trees, shrubbery, and flowers later in your company’s development.


Don’t make the decision on your own. Run the business name past as many people as will listen: family, friends, potential customers, and employees.


Think bigger than just what’s going on your sign. Think about how the name will work as a website, on business cards, and what it may look like on products.


Finally, sleep on it. You’re going to be excited when you’ve found the one true name of your brand, but this business is going to be around a long time, and switching name’s as it grows is not a pleasant endeavor.

When you’ve got the name, we’ve got the sign. Contact Redwood Country Signs today to start building your business!


A Sign Is the First Thing Your Clients See

A sign is the first thing your clients see when they visit your business. As first impressions are key, picking the right one is important! Finding the perfect mix of personal and professional can be tricky, so we’ve put together a few things to consider when designing your sign.


First, it’s a good idea to limit your sign to no more than two colors: a solid background and a solid font color. Graphics are absolutely fine in a few extra colors, but focus on picking out your main colors here, first. As our backgrounds are all natural wood, you’ll just have to decide between finishes, which can be done after choosing your font color.


Remember that visibility is key. If you’re going with a light finish for your wood, choose a dark color for the font and vice versa. This will draw clients in to the signage. Also be sure to choose a fairly simple font style. Quirk is great, unless it impedes clarity. Stay away from script fonts and stick to capital letters where possible.


For businesses where you want people to come in and hang around, like hotels or restaurants, try warmer colors in your sign like red, orange, and yellow. These are proven to have psychologically comforting effects on potential clients. Blues generally denote business confidence and professionalism. Greens have healthy and environmentally responsible connotations. Purple has a fairly mystical, almost royal feel to it.
And when in doubt, black on a wood finish is bold, elegant, and the standard for a reason. It works. Whether you’ve got an idea for a design already or could use a little help fine-tuning it, contact Redwood Country Signs today! We’re happy to help.


In 2015, You Need a Sign for Your Business

There is not a singular correct look that any particular business sign should have, and the final product really depends on a variety of factors including your location, type of company, target audience, and more. However, there are a few common mistakes that new business owners often make with their signs. If you are just beginning to think about what type of signage your business will have, be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Many people are tempted to place their signs as high as possible, thinking that more people will be able to see them the higher they are away from the ground. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. While you don’t want to place your signs near the ground, they should be at a reasonable height that will be clearly visible to anyone walking or driving by. This is especially true if your business is located by a major road. Most drivers will only see what is in their direct line of sight because they are focused on the road. Of course, signs on major freeways can and will be placed much higher so they can be seen from far away.

Another common mistake is to include too much information on a sign. Some people are tempted to include contact information, lists of products and services, special deals, and more. While this may be okay for a large billboard, it is not ideal for a sign that will be placed on your business. Include this information in your store windows or other places, but keep your main sign simple and to the point.

You should also be careful that your sign doesn’t blend in to the surrounding environment. While you don’t want signs that are an ugly eyesore, make sure they at least standout from your building and any surrounding properties. You want people to be able to notice your business and learn its name easily.

Follow these suggestions and your company will be well on its way to having a great, dynamic sign that everyone will see!

Another Fair Season Comes To A Close

We arrived home Monday night tired and weary after another succesful round on the sawdust trail.  Each year gets a little harder for this Grandpa and Grandma.  Looks like the end of the trail may be in sight.  We now turn our attention to making signs from our shop at home.

New Location at Clay County Fair.

We have spent nearly 10 years in the same location at the Clay County Fair but this year we will have a new one.  It is just up the block from where we were and looks to be a good sign selling advantage.  We have a nice tree covering our area which gave us opportunity for creativity in our setup.  All looks well and we are anxious to start routing out signs on September 6.

South Dakota State Fair in Our Rearview Mirror.

We ended up with a decent fair  and have now arrived at Clay County Fair in Spencer Iowa.  This is one of our busiest fairs and looks to be even better because we have moved to a heavier traffic area.  Stop and say hi if you get to the fair.

Sign of The Day

A happy group receiving their sign.  We dubbed their sign ” The Sign of The Day”!!

Happy customers!

The first day at South Dakota State Fair has been a success! The day started off with meeting vendors, painting signs, finalizing our display and preparing for preview night. The afternoon went by quickly and we got our first customers! 

Hopefully many more to follow!

Great to be at South Dakota State Fair

Long trip to South Dakota State Fair ended well.  We had a beautiful set up day with temperatures in the 70’s.  Nice change from the 100’s at home.  Our spot is under probably the largest tree on the fairgrounds.  The first part of the week is usually slow but we have a stack do internet orders to do.

South Dakota State Fair Bound!

We are finally caught up with our last fair outing and now are loaded for making signs at SDSF and then on to Clay County Fair in Spencer.  If you are in the are stop by and see us.

VIDEO: Good Things Come from the Country

Great Christmas Season Completed..

Thank you to all our faithful wood sign addicts.. We had a record November and December!!! We have appreciated the comments from our customers who were ordering personalized gifts to impress  bosses, “hard-to-buy-for” in-laws, co-workers, family and friends….and of course the family pets.  It makes our day to have customers let us know that we hit the nail on the head!  We invite you to look at our site often for specials throughout the year..

We’re Your New Friend on Facebook

Many of our customers have become friends along the “Sawdust Trail.” Now Facebook gives us a chance to make new sign friends all over the country.
Look for our button to “like” us on Facebook and let your friends know.

New Website Launches

Welcome to our new Website.  Our team has been working to bring you our most up-to-date look!  We have included ideas to help you design your sign.  Browse through our complete site for new artwork choices and layout suggestions.  We have started a question and answer page and are always happy to help you design your sign.  We have included testimonials from our happy customers and hope that you will be one soon!   “Sign”cerely, Blain and Carol

Summer Schedule

On the Road Again…Our 18th year on the Summer Sign Trail.

New this Year:
Madison County Fair, Madison, NE
July 10-15

18th Year at
North Dakota State Fair
July 20-28
Minot, ND

New this Year-
South Dakota State Fair
Huron, SD

Clay County Fair
Spencer, IA

Parke County Covered Bridge Festival
Jim’s Parking
Mansfield, IN