How a Hobby Evolved Into a Sign Business

20150913_174619Forty years ago a rat-a-tat-tat of a hammer against a chisel caught the attention of an innocent bystander…me!  Who knew that attention-getter would turn into a wood sign hobby and then a  lifelong sign business.

We began this adventure carving out signs with a hammer and chisel for family and friends.  One of our first signs pictured above has been hanging on a bunkhouse for 40 years.  (Some attention has been required.)  A few years later my wife’s hobby of leather carving was added to the business and a great touch of artistry was born.

We never dreamed this hobby would lead us to make signs in 19 different states via fairs and festivals.  Now, due to the internet, we have sent signs to all 50 states as well as several other countries.  We have made wood signs for doctors, lawyers, dentists, ranchers, teachers, newlyweds, dog breeders, truckers, singers, scuba divers, horse trainers.  We even made the entrance signs for the memorial rose garden of the rap singer Tupac.

You can find the evidence of our hobby hanging on RV’s, boulders and trees, homes and cabins, western stores and diners, churches and barns and even a few outhouses…

The footprints of this hobby have seen us through many years of teaching, pastoring and ministry.  Now that we are RETIRED AND LOVING IT we will see how this hobby will carry us though the golden years… What a hobby it continues to be!!!