How to Celebrate Your Family Name and History

Everyone has a family name, and while some are more rare and unique than others, they should all be celebrated. At Redwood Country Signs, we offer hand carved wooden signs that are perfect for anyone interested in displaying their family name. Our family name signs are perfect for hanging both in and outside of your home, and could even be displayed at your business. But what are some other ways to celebrate your family history? We’re here to tell you!


In order to honor and celebrate your family name and history, you should educate yourself about your genealogy if you haven’t already. Try to trace your family tree, talk to relatives about their oldest family memories, and just generally learn more about your family’s roots. You could even look up interesting facts about your family name to discover the meaning of the word, famous people who share the same name, and other fun facts!


Another way to celebrate what makes your family history unique is to create a cookbook filled with family recipes. While sometimes family members pass down recipes they got from other places, it doesn’t really matter where they came from. If the recipes are an important part of your family history and tradition, they should be preserved.


If you have a little extra time and money to spend, you could even visit the birthplace of some of the oldest members of your family. If you have an Irish name for example and your great grandparents came to this country from Ireland, plan a trip to visit where they grew up.


These are just a few of the many ways you can celebrate your family name and history, and remember to give us a call if you would like a custom family sign!