We Love the Signs of Spring

I just saw a post on Facebook that said, “Spring is just six weeks away!” Facebook must be the new groundhog. In my humble opinion, I think the best part of winter is the HOPE of Spring.

Signs of Spring

camping in the spring

I live in Oklahoma where winter doesn’t do much except get cold. We seldom see beautiful layers of fluffy snow… Nope. No fun winter sports to entice us to get outside to enjoy fresh air during the drab three months before Spring. We just stay inside and re-breathe the same air over and over. Colds and flu help pass the days to the countdown to Spring.

With “HOPE of Spring” comes “Signs of Spring.” Two of the things I love about Spring are the smell of sun-warmed earth and the yearly arrival of my favorite perennials. I just love taking walks around the property to see the new blooms.

Now it seems that the “Arrival of Spring” would give me great joy. But, sadly, there is the worry that Spring is so short and we will soon be facing the dreadful heat of the Oklahoma Summer.

We must act quickly if we are going to enjoy my favorite outdoor sport…camping. Travel and adventure are calling my name. Waterfalls and unexplored nature trails, s’mores and outdoor grilling, starlight and moonlight on the lake…all these keep me checking the weather for the best days to get out there. We don’t forget… Spring is also Tornado season in Oklahoma and we have to keep our eyes on the weather at all times. We have actually had a Spring day at my house where we experienced hail, flooding, an earthquake and a tornado all on the same day. True.

styleWS03So it’s easy to see that being an Oklahoma camper is a daring undertaking, but we get out there and take our chances because it’s better than poking yourself in the eye with an ice pick.

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