Whimsical Signs for the Holidays

fall_sign_v1Decorate and accessorize your home and camper with signs for fall.

As the last rose begins to wither and the leaves are swirling into colorful piles on the porches, many are searching for ways to put out the “welcome mat “ with a new look for this season and the holidays to come.

Porches take on a festive appeal when touches of the season are added. Scarecrows smiling and waving at the neighbors begin to pop-up along with pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks, orange and gold plaid, cozy throws ….and did I mention Pumpkins?

I love the whimsical wooden signs that are featured in many of the holiday displays. They reflect the personality of the family inside. Some signs are homemade; some are elegant. Some are funny and some are simply “Welcome Signs”, but they all add just the right punch to make our home’s outdoor décor inviting!

Because our sign business takes us on the road , we also enjoy seeing the creative signs that mark the campsites in the RV parks. We’ve seen campers decorated with little strands of pumpkin lights which are a practical addition to light up their area. Decorated camping signs also add functional cuteness. Knowing the names and hometowns of our camping neighbors helps start up conversations and sometimes friendships!

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